09:30 Opening of 19th IKUD (International Kemer Underwater Days) and 12th ISUR (International Symposium of Underwater Research) ON-LINE

Opening Speeches

09:30 Welcome Messages of Necati Topaloğlu (Mayor of Kemer), Volkan Yorulmaz (KETAV), Aydın Aytuğ (AAD) and Hakan Öniz (Akdeniz University)

09:40 Prof. Dr. Tuncer Demir (Director of Akdeniz University, Mediterranean Civilizations Research Institute)

09:45 Prof. Dr. Ralph O.Schill (President of CMAS Scientific Committee)

09:50 Prof. Dr. Alessandro Marroni (President of DAN Europe)

Sessions of 12th ISUR (On-Line for the speakers Microsoft TEAMS and SKYPE)

SESSION 1 (10:00 – 10:59)

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hakan Öniz

10:00 Ahmet BİLİR - The Underwater Surveys of Çamlimanı Bay

10:12 Asuman BALDIRAN - Underwater Works on Iasos Harbors

10:24 Barış GÜR - Contributions of Underwater Archaeology in The Evaluation of Mycenaean Commercial Relations

10:36 Bartosz KONTNY- Roman Period and Medieval Sacrificial Site From Lake Lubanowo (Nw Poland)

10:48 Bill JEFFERY - Tidal Stone ‐Walled Fish Weırs of Yap, Federated States Micronesia and Their Role in Marine Ecological Conservation

SESSION 2 (11:00 – 11:59)

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sengul Aydıngun

11:00 A.A. BUKATOV, V.V. VARLAGIN, Y.G. TKACHENKO, S.A. KHOKHLOV Research of The Flooded Ruins in Port Area of City Tauric Chersonese Using Methods of Aerial and Underwater Photogrammetry

11:12 Burçin GÜRBÜZ, Ahmet DENKER, Burcu DOĞRU - Digital Reconstruction of the Archaeological Shipwrecks

11:24 Bülent GÖZCELİOĞLU - Some Marine Creatures Obtained From the Antarctic Sea Environment During the Turkish Antarctic National Science Expedition (TAE-2- 2018)

11:36 Emre ERDAN, Fatih ERSAN, Kubilay GÜÇLÜ - Archaeology, Physics and Chemistry; A Technique Used by Mediterranean Sponge Divers from Ancient Times to The Ottoman Period: Spraying and Pouring Olive Oil

11:48 Enrique ARAGON, Andrea SANZ - The Formentera Island Project Maritime Cultural Heritage Research and Conservation

SESSION 3 (12:00 – 12:59)

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Levent Cavas

12:00 S. FAZLULLIN, S. KHOKHLOV, Y. TKACHENKO, M. BARDASHOV, O. PLATONOVA, I. GORLOV - Underwater Research in Lake Onega, The Kizhi Museum Area.

12:12 Haldun AYDINGÜN, Şengül AYDINGÜN, Hakan ÖNİZ - Discovery of the Antique Harbors West of Istanbul

12:24 Kemal ÇİBUK , Rıdvan GÖLCÜK - The Impact of The Industrial Pollution and Rapid Urbanization on The Number and Diversity of Amphorae in The Museums: The Case of İzmit Gulf

12:36 Krzysztof ULANOWSKI - Earthly, Water and Underwater Meetings of The Phoenicians and The Greeks. Mythological and Religious Ways of Transmission in The East of Mediterranean.

12:48 Laura CARRILLO, Nicolas CIARLO, Andres ZUCCOLOTTO, Josue GUZMAN -Ghosts Of The Caribbean. Recent Research On El Angel Shipwreck: A 19th Century Composite-Hull, Sailing Merchantman in Chinchorro Bank, Mexico

SESSION 4 (13:00 – 13:59)

Moderator: Dr. Haldun Aydıngun

13:00 Levent ÇAVAŞ, Tugbay İNAN - Antifouling Paints and Water Sports

13:12 Lynn B. HARRIS - Maritime Heritage at Risk: Lighthouses Shipwrecks, and Deserted Towns

13:24 Levent ÇAVAŞ, Yeşim Yılmaz ABEŞKA - Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles by using invasive Caulerpa cylindracea Sonder

13:36 Lynn B. HARRIS - Sick Bays of the South Atlantic: Strategies For Countering Epidemics in Ports, Anchorages and on Islands during the 19th Century

13:48 Magdalena NOWAKOWSKA, Malgorzata MILESZCZYK - Lake Grid Dwellings Of The West Balt Barrow Culture – The Story Of Research And Researchers. The Case Of Lake Piłakno (Ne Poland)

SESSION 5 (14:00 – 14:59)

Moderator : Drt. Ceyda Oztosun

14:00 Michele STEFANILE - Submerged Harbors In the Gulf Of Naples. A Short Update on The Basis of Recent Underwater Archaeology Researches.

14:12 Musa TOKMAK , Murat DAL - Types Of Degradation Observed in Underwater Stone Artifacts

14:24 Mustafa ŞAHİN - Underwater Excavation At The Bazilikal Church in İznik Lake – 2019

14:36 I.R. NIKOLAEV - The Impact of Natural and Social Factors On The Perception Of An Underwater Parks: A Study Of Russian Recreational Divers.

14:48 Paola PUPPO - Shipwreck Cargoes in The Balearic Islands: The Hellenistic Reliefware as Indicator of Maritime Trades in The Western Mediterranean.

SESSION 6 (15:00 – 15:24)

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hakan Oniz

15:00 A. BYKOVA, M. DENISOVA, S. FAZLULLIN – " The world of infinity. Andre laban" exhibition project about the history of underwater research and the world-famous aquanaut Andre Laban.

15:12 Maria Ayça ATEŞ - Objects of Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage of Cyprus Island.

15:24 Ayse GAZIHAN - Blue Growth Initiatives in the European Seas

15:36 Victor V. LEBEDINSKI, Julia A. PRONINA - Deep-sea research of the shipwrecks of the XI-XIIth centuries AD in the waters of the administrative territory of Sevastopol

15:48 Şahin ÖZEN – Training System of Underwater Cultural Heritage in Turkey

16:00 Closing Remarks by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Şahin Özen (President of Turkish Underwater Federation) and Hakan Öniz